Before requesting a custom order, please be aware that you will be asked to pay the custom listing fee before I get started on your order. Once purchased you cannot request to have the order canceled as I start working on custom orders immediately.

Custom Orders Headline.png
Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, I do! To request a custom order, please send me a message through Email or visit the contact page for other options. Please note that custom orders will not be payed for through Etsy.

Will you accept my custom order?

It highly depends on what you’re requesting to have made. Here’s a list of information you will need to include in your message.

  • If possible, provide picture examples of what you’re interested in having reproduced in miniature clay form.

  • What you would like to have your clay piece as. For example, just a miniature, charm, necklace, earrings, ornament, magnet, etc.

  • Provide as many details as possible of what you want the piece to look like, such as specific details, colors, size, etc.

  • How many pieces you would like made.

  • Does this order need to be done by a specific time?

How much will my order be?

Custom orders start at $30. Please keep in mind the price will increase or decrease depending on what you’re ordering. I will be calculating a price that covers work time, materials, and shipping costs.

How do I purchase?

Custom orders can be payed for via Square or PayPal. I can also set up a custom listing on my Big Cartel shop. Custom orders will no longer be accepted through Etsy.

How long will it be for you to complete my order?

1-6 weeks. Custom orders are my top priority and your item will probably be done way sooner than expected! If you must have an item by a specific time please let me know. Please allow me at least 1-2 weeks to work on your order and be aware that shipping times could also affect the deadline.

Do you accept cancellations, refunds, or returns?

I do not. Once custom orders have been purchased you cannot request to have the order canceled or refunded (as I start custom orders immediately after purchase.) I do not accept returns.

What if my item arrives broken or damaged from shipment?

Please send me a picture of the packaging and the item for proof of damage from shipment and your order receipt/invoice. A picture of proof is required if you want to receive a refund or replacement of the damaged items. Failure to do so, I cannot help you at this time.

If you have any issues with your order or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message! I’ll be happy to help.